Creations by Lourd Ramos

Last May, I bought myself a voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy for hair color services at Lourd Ramos’ Creations salon. I’ve been reading lots of raves about them in most beauty blogs and since I’m getting bored with my hair, decided to try their services as soon as possible. Their Glorietta 5 branch closed few weeks ago so the receptionist directed me to go to their 2nd branch in Arnaiz, Makati.

That’s me with my medium length hair. Wavy wavy!

While waiting, the staff brought us drinks.

I didn’t have a ‘concrete plan’ for my hair. I just wanted to experience getting a new hair color and ‘do. Since I have zero idea when it comes to hair coloring, I just gave them photo for peg. The owner, Lourd, was there that time. He was so nice in person, and looking pretty too! ;) Haha. He checked my hair, explain a few stuff to me and his staff and off we go.

Specifically told them that I want Nicole Richie’s hair style but with Jennifer Lopez’s hair color.

Here’s the color mix. I wasn’t able to check if they indeed used Loreal products, I hope they did.

Paolo, the boyfriend, patiently waiting for his girl do her salon thing.

My hair after an hour.

By this time, my girl instinct’s already kicking in. Kept on asking myself if they’ll be able to achieve the hair that I want. ‘Coz based from the photos, looks like they’re only putting highlights for my hair.

Lourd instructed his staff to color my brows too.

After almost 4 hours.. that’s already 2PM, I’m hungry and I just wanted to leave asap. Paolo also noticed that I’m not happy with my hair. :( The staff blow dried my hair and gave it a wavy/curly effect. I have no idea why he did it that way.. hindi naman wavy yung hair ni Nicole Richie sa photo di ba? :roll:

My hair is basically the same, nothing’s new except for the brown highlights. No need to post after photos ‘coz my hair still looks dark and very far from the JLo hair color peg. I guess I got what I paid for. :lol: Siguro my fault na rin kasi nahiya ako magtanong, akala ko kasi gets na nila yun once I showed them the photo. Sana pala I told them full hair color dapat. Oh well, nandiyan na eh. :| Miscommunication lang talaga.

But wait! That doesn’t mean I’m not going back to Creations. I’m very willing to go back and give it another try. ;) I’ll just make sure no more vouchers na. Mahirap yung nakatipid ka nga pero di ka naman satisfied sa finished product.

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